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I have never been attracted by skinny women. A large woman has always been the kind of woman that takes my breath away. You can touch, caress and knead without feeling rough edges and hard bones, just smooth skin and delicious curves.

The other day I found an online dating site and one of their categories was fatties. I felt like I had just found paradise. Dozens of beautiful women just waiting there for me. Most of them were just looking to get laid, and that matched my needs perfectly, because I just wanted to get laid tonight, so I scrolled through the pages and chose one, a gorgeous brunette, with blue eyes, fair skin, and amazing curves.

I contacted her and fortunately, she responded immediately. After a few minutes chatting I invited her for dinner and for my delight, she said yes. Happier than I had been in a long time, I reserved the restaurant and prepared myself for a night of fantastic sex.

I arrived earlier to the restaurant and waited for her to show up. I knew that sometimes profile pictures don't correspond with reality, but this time it fell short. My heart started thundering on my chest the minute I saw her walking towards me. She had her dark mane loose, and she was wearing a burgundy dress that embraced her voluptuous body in a delicious way.

I stood up and waited for her, feeling a bit like a teenager on his first date. "Good evening, Diane." I greeted her, with a pleased smile, stepping forward to kiss her cheek. Her sweet scent flooded my nostrils and I inhaled deep.

"Good evening, Jonathan." She smiled and I was hooked. The woman was gorgeous.

I helped her take a seat and the rest of the time went by on a blur. I wouldn't be able to say what we had for dinner, not even if my life depended on it. My full attention was on her, on her face, the shine of her eyes, the way her lips curved each time she smiled...

At the end of dinner I invited her to continue the date on a nearby hotel and she didn't doubt saying yes.

I guided her to the hotel and soon we were in the bedroom, and I was kissing her deep, passionately, taking her breath away.

I helped her out of her clothes, exposing inch by inch her delightful body, covering it with sweet kisses. When I was done, she helped take mine off, swiftly, and we lay in bed.

I kissed her again, exploring every single inch of her lustful mouth, before going tracing trails of kisses through her cheeks to her ears, down her neck, shoulders and chest until I reached her big, round breasts, with the most beautiful nipples I have ever seen: big, pinkish and simply perfect to suck.

My hands and lips had a feast with her breasts. I caressed them, cradled them in my hands as my lips kissed and nibbled and my tongue licked and savored them.

"Oh, god, Jonathan." Her little moans and whimpers made my arousal peak and my cock was already throbbing in raw hunger. But I wanted to give her the night of her life. So I went down on her, making her open her luscious legs, exposing her wet pussy for me.

I took my time to reach her aching centre. My mouth and hands first feasted on her luscious thighs, caressing them, drawing wet trails with my tongue, squeezing and pinching teasingly, going closer and closer to her clenching pussy. I could feel the quivers running through her legs as she moaned with pleasure.

I finally reached her mound, and with fingers and mouth on her, I kissed, sucked and licked her lips and clit, as my fingers went deep inside her, going as deep as I could, pressing them against her G-spot and pushing down with my thumb on her clit.

"God, oh god... please." She gasped and sobbed, and I smiled pleased. I repeated it a couple of times before going in and out of her, fast and deep at the same time as my mouth tortured her delicious clit. It didn't take me much to make her come for me, her whole body trembled, her back arched up and her sobs became music to my ears.

I put on a condom quickly and without letting her recover from that first orgasm, I plunged my big cock deep inside her, replacing my fingers. She trembled harder when she felt me inside her, stretching her walls to accommodate me, but her hands came up for me and grabbed me by my hips pulling me closer and deeper. She wanted more.

I complied... and thrust faster and deeper, reaching her very core. I could feel her walls clenching deliciously around me and soon I was dragging her with me over the edge as powerful waves of pleasure washed over us.

I collapsed over her, and stayed there for a few seconds before I rolled over and lied on my back next to her, still panting hard, covered in sweat. She was simply amazing, and I believe she felt the same for me, because she was pretty much in the same condition as me.

After a few minutes I hopped out of bed and went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom, and she followed me.

"What about a warm shower?" she whispered in my ear as she held me from behind. Her voice sounded like something I once heard when I called this cheap phone sex number.

"That sounds like a good idea." I turned around and kissed her, before guiding her into the shower stall and opened the faucets. Warm water fell over us and she ran her hands all over my body, giving special attention to my cock, waking it up once more. When she saw me hard again, she fell on her knees and took me in her mouth giving me one of the best blowjobs I've had in my life.

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