How to set up your paint shop?

You are starting out in painting and want to optimize your home a little to practice your new passion, or you may be more experienced and take the step of setting up a real workshop. Here are some tips, ideas for materials, recommendations for choosing and organizing your workspace. Painting at home Not everyone has the chance to own or rent a space reserved for their painting studio. But working at either company still has its advantages: you save time and money, no need to travel, and no rent and other bills related to an independent workshop. we can paint whenever we feel like it. In spare time, we can look at our current table to

5 women who have marked the History of Art

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day, I invite you to explore the universe of 5 women who have marked the history of art. These female artists have left a true imprint on time by shining with their audacity, their genius and their desire to impose themselves in a world that was supposedly not meant for them. Whether they are painters, visual artists, photographers, impressionists, rococo or modern art enthusiasts, they certainly leave an indelible memory. #1 Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun Born in 1755, Elisabeth Vigée Le Brun is one of the greatest portrait artists of her time. His self-portraits reveal a lot about his personality. Simple woman, with a bohemian style and not relying